Free productivity app for ANSYS Mechanical: CSV Plot for mapping of results

Our most popular and free app “CSV Plot” has got an update for ANSYS R19.2 - 2019 R3 with some new post processing capabilities.

What does the app do?

Many times inputs and outputs are created outside of ANSYS in the form of text files, e.g. surface convection coefficient data from a CFD analysis or post processing of various stress data creating a nodal safety factor list.

With CSV Plot you may plot these nodal or elemental values direct on the model to visualize the result instead of just looking at the chart data in Excel. Until now this was limited to use the same node or element id as the active model you are working on.

Latest enhancements

The latest enhancement of the app lets you take any 1D, 2D or 3D grid data and map to your model as a contour plot.

You may have measured data from a few points that can be visualized on your model or results from a different mesh.

Compared to “External Data” that lets you take grid data in text files and use as a boundary condition CSV Plot can plot the data independent of the analysis and without modifying the analysis since this is just a result object.